My name is Alex.

I’m a British bloke in my twenties who has a love for anything to do with aviation and travel.

I have wanted to be a Pilot ever since I can remember, and even though I used to get very ill, the best part about any family holiday was always the flights. I would stare in wonder at the aircraft, and even though I was probably vomiting into a paper bag, take off was still the most exhilarating experience.
Now as an adult, I no longer have a paper bag around my mouth, but I still get that same buzz when i’m flying.
One of the best things about flying, is the fact that it can take you anywhere in the world, and this leads me on to the other thing I love. Travel.
There’s something about seeing other places, cultures, and ways of life that makes travelling one of the best things a person can do, and I want to see as many different places and experience as many different cultures as I possibly can.

So the goal is to be a pilot, but that could take a while. In the mean time I thought i’d start this blog to keep me busy and entertained, and hopefully entertain other people as well.
As you probably guessed, i’ll be writing about aviation and travel. I don’t confess to be a writer of any sort, or an expert in either subject, but I enjoy writing and i’m passionate about both subjects. So I hope everyone else enjoys this blog!