The Journey to Australia

It’s over 4 months since I arrived in Australia, and it’s taken me a while to get around to starting this blog. I did however start doing a bit of writing on the journey over here, so the following is what I wrote while I was waiting for a flight at Melbourne airport.

Thirty-five hours and three flights later, and I’m sat in an Irish pub at Melbourne International airport drinking a Guinness. A well deserved treat after a long journey. I’m sitting here watching aircraft, with an 8-hour wait until my connecting flight to Adelaide. I suppose this would be a good opportunity to write my first post, so I’ll start by telling you about my journey.

Yesterday didn’t start out great. When I tried to check in online, I found out that the first flight of my trip had been cancelled. Somehow I hadn’t been notified by the airline. Shit. But having called Royal Brunei Airlines they informed me that I had been put onto a replacement Emirates flight. Once that was sorted a few friends and family stopped by to say a final goodbye before my parents and I set off for Heathrow Airport. Continue reading “The Journey to Australia”